Financial Modeling

Are you looking for financial modelling experts that can help you bring your abstract financial representation into real-life financial situations? Are you looking at employing financial data in order to accurately plan and forecast for the future? Or rather, you are looking at outsourcing your businesses/projects financial modelling services? If so, we are at your service.

BFI Insights is one of Africa’s leading firms that provide financial modelling solutions to firms across various sectors. Over the years, our financial models have aided decision-makers in effectively translating qualitative and quantitative data to an accurate forecasted financial outcome for their businesses and projects.

We offer our clients the following financial models:

How We Work

We keep our models simple, understandable, and adaptable for iteration.

We apply a very rigorous standardized and modular approach that allows us deploy our teams to work together to deliver complex models swiftly.

We apply FAST standards in delivering our financial modelling solutions

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