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BFI Insights is structured as a “one-stop-shop” for structured finance services in infrastructural and Sustainable projects over its life-cycle. As an indigenous firm, we understand the problem context in the infrastructure and Sustainability arena, which affords us unique insights into Africa and other regions.

We capitalize on our deep knowledge of project finance modelling, advisory, and consultancy. With our vast experience in financial management, we are well-equipped in delivering best-in-class financial models that guide your projects on a continuous basis. We also advice you on your transactions and guide you through financial models that are appealing and compelling to investors and financiers.

Our services also cut across advising project sponsors on how best to structure their deals, carry out their transactions, and hedge against varying financial risks. We also carry out tailored advice to our clients when there seems to occur a deviation from the underlying assumptions.

For financial institutions like banks, we offer well-detailed models that are adaptive which allow them to safeguard against their loans and debt going bad- by building bespoke models that include Debt Service Reserve Accounts (DSRA), Debt sizing, Debt-Sculpting, etc.

Most importantly, you can be rest assured that- through our models, your project will seamlessly pass any investor’s test, consequently getting your project the funding that it requires.

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